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Technically Creative is an IT services provider offering solutions and products specializing in compliance, electronic communication surveillance, data loss prevention, infosec, risk, controls, discovery, and automating the surveillance process. We have experts specializing in data conversion, data integration/solution integration, identity management and incident workflows as well as enhancing existing solutions to meet regulatory obligations. We focus on handling Dodd-Frank, Sarbanes–Oxley, and other financial regulatory compliance requirements.

Technically Creative is headquartered in the town of New Windsor, NY, overlooking the banks of the Hudson River and Mount Beacon. We are situated in a prime location only an hour north of New York City and less than fifteen minutes from Stewart International Airport.

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Development & technical support tasks are often needed to accomplish or resolve an issue within the surveillance process. When you work with Technically Creative, you work with the whole team. A main lead technician is assigned to you to track requests and manage team resources. Developers, solution architects, technicians, project managers, technical writers, and policy/rule writers.

Technically Creative offers technology advisement and planning consultation to assist you or your IT team. Our team follows a systematic approach that makes understanding the steps and corresponding actions for each phase of a project clear and easy to follow.

Our product Technically Creative Oversight Controls (TCOC) is a fully customizable data flow platform that orchestrates the movement, automation, and integration of data between platforms providing chain of custody and compliance with it.

Technically Creative has experts on data analysis, custom integrations, automation processes, and IT process offloading.

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