Solution Deployments

Technically Creative can assist with your organization's implementation of an archive solution. From new installs, to assistance with the final stages of setting up the archive, Technically Creative offers our extensive technical services to assist.


Data Migrations

One of the bigger hurdles when migrating from one archive solution to another is the task of making sure all data from your old archive solution makes it to the new solution intact and accessible. Technically Creative can review your data migration plan and offer suggestions or solutions to make the move easier.

Automation and Processes

Do you have a mundane or aggravating task that you must do? Do you have a process that involves a myriad of steps you are stuck running that you wish was a simple point and click, or to even run themselves? Technically Creative has technicians who are experts in automation and coding process execution. Let us make your job easier through the simplification of processes.

Discovery Services

For certain legal cases, it is in the best interest for a company to have a third party perform the actual archive searches. This allows for a non-biased third party to perform the legal discovery removing any possibility for important data being omitted for any purposes. Technically Creative has experience with the usage of a number of archive solutions and can be contracted to perform the discovery searches.

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