CA Data Protection EOL: Are you prepared for July 1, 2019?


CA Technologies has announced that the CA Data Protection End-of-Life is effective June 30, 2019. This leaves a number of current Orchestria, DataMinder, and Data Protection customers, who heavily rely on the product as their Compliance and DLP system, in a difficult position and under stressed time constraints.

Are you prepared for July 1, 2019? The first day off of CA support.

What happens if something breaks in your Data Protection environment?

Do you have a plan in place if reviewers can’t review the messages or run reports?


If you or your firm do not have the answers to these questions, then it is time to find out more about the Technically Creative CA Data Protection EOL Premium Support Program. TC’s Premium Support Program was constructed to provide support to customers until their new surveillance solution is up and running, extensively tested, and policies properly converted. Depending on the level of support required by a firm, TC is offering two extended support packages, Premium and Enhanced.

  • Premium support customers will receive unlimited tickets, 10% discount on all add-on services, access to phone support Monday-Friday 8AM-6PM ET & 24×7 via email/web portal.
  • Enhanced support customers will receive 10 tickets per month and 24×7 support via email/web portal.

Additional package details, as well as information regarding available add-on services, including but not limited to Historical Data Management, Policy Refinement and Management, and Transition Support, can be found on our website.

Having extended support in place is so important if you are not fully migrated off of CA Data Protection. In an effort to encourage firms to be proactive in getting solutions in place, Technically Creative is offering special pricing on the Premium Support Package until April 15th.

In order for your firm to have TC’s extended support in place by July 1st, which is the first day off of CA support, your firm will need to be under contract by April 15th. This will allow TC proper time to finalize contracts, go through onboarding, complete an environment intake, set up a support account, prevision a unique client support environment, and have everything thoroughly tested.

If a firm has not completely migrated at this time, especially if a solution has not been selected, now is the time to seriously consider the options. You can either take the risk on your own or have the industry leading experts, Technically Creative, provide support. TC is the only other company in the world that understands this application inside and out, other than CA themselves.

For more information about TC’s CA Data Protection EOL Premium Support Program, please visit our website or contact us for a free 30 minute discovery call to learn more.

Technically Creative is a certified CA Technologies developer and support partner. Our team of engineers have 14+ years of hands-on expert knowledge of Orchestria / DataMinder / CA DataProtection product.