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Technically Creative_Innovation Report November 2021

Integrated Legal Hold Process With TC Oversight Controls

INNOVATION REPORT NOVEMBER 2021 In the November 2021 Innovation Report, our target was to solve a major concern for our client’s legal department regarding the time and methods to request and apply legal holds in their platforms. As we all know, legal teams have a

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October Innovation Report Cover

Identify & Remediate Degrading Customer Relationships with TCOC

Innovation Report October 2021 In this month’s Innovation Report, Technically Creative helped our client identify and remediate degrading customer relationships with TC Oversight Controls. In the industry, a financial firm can be bombarded with an overwhelming number of customer complaints through multiple different channels. These

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Innovation Report September

Investigation Integration with TC Oversight Controls

In the September Innovation Report, we explore how one client used TCOC to speed up the investigation process for an instance of insider trading activity. This client suffered from having too many systems and a tedious, drawn-out data retrieval process when it came to satisfying the regulators.

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Protect Information & Improve Responses By Integrating Platforms

In this month’s edition of Technically Creative’s Innovation Report, we explore how to better protect your information through a fully integrated supervision system. In this scenario, our client’s compliance team discovered an instance of an employee attempting to circumvent security policies to get a file out of their network.

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Protect Critical Information With Data-Driven Policy

In this edition of Technically Creative’s Innovation Report, we explore how data-driven policy can aid a firm in strengthening their surveillance. The priority of the firm in question was to detect and track when users discuss high-security projects. A firm’s legal team will typically come up with code words or other names associated with an investigation (for example, “Project Carolina”) to operate with, rather than potentially exposing critical data.

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Improved Development Cycle Through Data Masking

In the May 2021 Innovation Report, the client’s goal was to generate more data for testing at an enterprise scale, at an enterprise rate, and at an enterprise volume – all within their development environment without exposing personally identifiable information (PII). They reached out to Technically Creative to find a solution.

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Historical Surveillance Data Migration

In this Innovation Report, the client’s main concern was finding a way to take their historical surveillance data that was stored in multiple legacy systems and migrate it into one consolidated, easily searchable location. Technically Creative is delivering success with Historical Surveillance Data Migration. Find out how. Download the latest Innovation Report.

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Delivering Success With TCOC’s Holistic Surveillance System

Innovation Report March 2021 In this month’s Innovation Report, the client’s main concern was finding a way to identify if information related to a brokered acquisition was leaked and used for personal gain.   Technically Creative is delivering success with TCOC’s Holistic Surveillance System. Find

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