Elasticsearch and TCOC

Working Together

Technically Creative has partnered with Elasticsearch, a leading provider in advanced searching, indexing, and analytics for your business. Pairing their product suite with Technically Creative Oversight Controls (TCOC), we provide a one stop solution for holistic supervision, security monitoring, incident remediation, advanced data aggregation, compliance monitoring, and reporting at faster speeds and greater accuracy with superior tracking.

What is Elasticsearch?

Elasticsearch is a search engine based on the Lucene library. The Elasticsearch suite of tools adds in several analytics, reporting, and APIs that provide the ability to visualize your data.


TCOC and elasticsearch

Together, TCOC and Elasticsearch are working to bring you the best in searching, indexing, aggregation, detection, and analytics. TCOC works as the integration and action point where data can be pulled from different databases or platforms, normalized, then pushed into Elasticsearch. From there, TCOC provides a holistic solution that provides actions, notifications, or even integrations into secondary platforms related to that data. Solutions include, but are not limited to, holistic packages for supervision, DLP incident response, RISK violation identification, and even access control responses.

elasticsearch components

Elasticsearch’s collective components are known as the Elastic Stack. These products work together and allow you to explore your data to best fit your needs.

Elasticsearch: Search and analytics engine used to store data based on the Lucene engine.

Kibana: Web interface tool used to access and interact with data within Elasticsearch. Kibana is the visualization component of Elastic.

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