Data loss prevention (DLP) is a topic that’s on everyone’s minds. From a CIO accidentally sending out non-public information, to the intentional leaking of information from disgruntled employees, or even data that’s been extracted by hackers, data loss can come from any direction. Damage through data loss goes far beyond a just corporate embarrassment; several cases where data has been leaked have resulted in litigation, IT audits, public relations nightmares, and major losses in consumer confidence, stock value, and brand damage. With Technically Creative on your side, you can take the first step toward protecting your business.


At Technically Creative, we take a different approach to determining your DLP requirements and needs. We’ll go into your environment to evaluate your data storage, access methods, security models, and user access, then provide a full report on where the threats and risks reside and how to resolve them. We provide product recommendations without bias as well as a recommended architecture on how and where to secure your environment. Our experts are familiar with a long list of DLP products and will present a real-world working solution.

Conduct data loss and risk assessment; which data can users access, where is the critical data stored, and where does that data go? Typical industry terms include data in motion, data at rest, and data in use.

Examine the environment and any exposures or incidents that have occurred, as well as how they could have been prevented.

Develop a custom DLP strategy, business case and high-level implementation plan, define budgets, and select products.

Assess people, process, technology, and metrics relevant to the data loss program as well as the interactions of the product and individuals

Develop a detailed implementation plan for the supporting programs/products and deploy the product within the environment
Educate and operate

Develop operational models for supporting the stated DLP program operations and train internal users for audit and IT staff for maintenance.