Improve Your Development Cycle With Replay



In this month’s Innovation Report, we explore how one client utilized our fast and effective solution to keep up with the myriad changes to their system by testing with Replay. Our client had multiple data-driven processes that needed a way to be tested quickly and ensure that bugs stay out of production. Their systems were changing faster than they could adapt with new code releases, functional changes, and other updates. Issues – mainly bugs reported by their users – kept arising after code release; they’d find something wrong that only happened with real data transactions yet were not able to mimic with transactions in their development environment.


Using our product TC Oversight Controls (TCOC), Technically Creative built out a process called Replay. This process is a solution that takes previous actions (in this case, user activity in their platform) and reproduces that activity against the development/QA environment, utilizing data that has been sanitized (i.e., PII is removed or obfuscated) at not only the proper structure but also the proper volumes and rate. Find out how. Download the latest Innovation Report.


Our featured client is a large financial company with multiple internally developed solutions for client access.


The complete list of products and services used in this Innovation Report includes TC Oversight Controls (TCOC) and TC’s expert services to deliver success through integrated processes.

Providing elite technology services, Technically Creative focuses on engineering solutions geared toward unifying governance in financial services firms, global investment banks, and insurance companies worldwide.


We automate and integrate compliance, risk, surveillance, discovery, and DLP processes through managed services and our product, TC Oversight Controls. We are known in the market for our unique combination of product innovation, as well as our industry, regulatory, data, compliance, and systems knowledge. An integrated approach to data: reduce risks, costs, duplication of effort, and provide for greater efficiency.


Find out the Background, TC’s Solution, and the full Benefits and Results in the latest Innovation Report.