Historical Surveillance Data Migration


In this Innovation Report, the client’s main concern was finding a way to take their historical surveillance data that was stored in multiple legacy systems and migrate it into one consolidated, easily searchable location.

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Featured Client:

Technically Creative’s featured client is a major international financial firm that spans multiple financial industries with complex surveillance and compliance requirements. TC was able to help this client not only meet but exceed their diverse needs by utilizing Technically Creative Oversight Controls (TCOC) for the migration of their historical surveillance data.

Products and Services:

The complete list of products and services used in this Innovation Report includes Technically Creative Oversight Controls (TCOC) as the primary tool used for historical data migration, advanced automated reporting, extracting, and modeling.

Standing on the frontline of change and growth! TCOC is a set of fast and flexible microprocessors that complement your surveillance process and work with existing business functions and systems. An integrated approach to surveillance. Reduce risks, costs, duplication of effort and provide for greater efficiency.

Find out the Background, TC’s Solution, and the full Benefits and Results in the latest Innovation Report.