Protect Information & Improve Responses By Integrating Platforms


In this month’s edition of Technically Creative’s Innovation Report, we explore how to better protect your information through a fully integrated supervision system. In this scenario, our client’s compliance team discovered an instance of an employee attempting to circumvent security policies to get a file out of their network. There are many cases where one group will find something that they need to pass on to another group without having that information leaked; in this case, a compliance officer found a user commenting in a communication that they need to circumvent a security policy to send someone a document. Normally, the compliance officer would have to copy the email, print it, and then run that over to the information security department, eating up a lot of time and leaving the process open to threats and leaked information. Technically Creative was tasked with implementing a solution that would allow different teams to share high-security information that is both secure and efficient.

Technically Creative is delivering success with TC’s policy & rule development/tools and TC Oversight Controls (TCOC). Find out how. Download the latest Innovation Report. 

Featured Client:

TC’s client identifies as a large, enterprise-class firm with multiple divisions with various supervision/DLP policies and review platforms. In this firm, different organizational groups use different platforms for identifying events of concern for review based on their specific perspective. These groups have multiple systems that partially overlap in requirements, but serve completely different functions (data loss prevention, compliance surveillance review, incident handling, human resources, internal audit/control room) throughout the organization.

Products and Services:

The complete list of products and services used in this Innovation Report includes TC Oversight Controls (TCOC) and TC’s expert services to deliver success through integrated supervision.


Leading from the front line of change and growth, TCOC is a set of fast and flexible micro services that compliment your surveillance process and work with your existing business functions and systems. As an integrated approach to surveillance, TCOC aims to reduce risks, costs, duplication of effort, and provide for greater efficiency.

Technically Creative, Inc. is simplifying technology solutions for compliance, bringing to the table a vast and unique collection of knowledge and skills. We’re known for our product innovation, as well as our industry, regulatory, data, and systems knowledge.

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