Protect Critical Information With Data-Driven Policy


In this edition of Technically Creative’s Innovation Report, we explore how data-driven policy can aid a firm in strengthening their surveillance. The priority of the firm in question was to detect and track when users discuss high-security projects. A firm’s legal team will typically come up with code words or other names associated with an investigation (for example, “Project Carolina”) to operate with, rather than potentially exposing critical data.

But sometimes, that data gets out. Our client’s target was to build out a process in which their legal team can specify a project’s code name and which channels would surveil for its use. If someone talks, legal needs to know about it before any information is leaked.

Technically Creative is delivering success with TC’s policy & rule development/tools and TC Oversight Controls (TCOC). Find out how. Download the latest Innovation Report. 

Featured Client:

TC’s client identifies as an enterprise-level financial research firm that deals with sensitive information that needs to remain protected.

Products and Services:

The complete list of products and services used in this Innovation Report includes TC’s policy & rule development/tools and TC Oversight Controls (TCOC) to deliver success through data-driven policy.

Standing on the frontline of change and growth! TCOC is a set of fast and flexible microprocessors that complement your surveillance process and work with existing business functions and systems. An integrated approach to surveillance. Reduce risks, costs, duplication of effort and provide for greater efficiency.

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