Delivering Success With TCOC’s Holistic Surveillance System


Innovation Report March 2021

In this month’s Innovation Report, the client’s main concern was finding a way to identify if information related to a brokered acquisition was leaked and used for personal gain.


Technically Creative is delivering success with TCOC’s Holistic Surveillance System. Find out how. Download the latest Innovation Report.

Featured Client:

The Technically Creative client is an enterprise-level financial firm with complex surveillance requirements and dispersed data sources. TC was able to aid this client with a comprehensive approach to create a holistic surveillance system by utilizing Technically Creative Oversight Controls (TCOC).

Products and Services:

The complete list of products and services used in this Innovation Report includes the TCOC engine, TCOC bundles for integration, deployment and testing services, and an initial design session to identify concerns and pinpoint what a firm aims to capture.

Our system is flexible and designed for enterprises. We can build out scenarios based on your data, your system, your platforms, your concerns, and your way of doing business.

Technically Creative helps clients to identify and close the gaps in their surveillance processes and deploy the solution that best fits their firm or line of business. We are committed to delivering peace of mind.

Find out the Background, TC’s Solution, and the full Benefits and Results in the latest Innovation Report.