Improved Development Cycle Through Data Masking


In the May 2021 Innovation Report, the client’s goal was to generate more data for testing at an enterprise scale, at an enterprise rate, and at an enterprise volume – all within their development environment without exposing personally identifiable information (PII). They reached out to Technically Creative to find a solution.

Technically Creative is delivering success with TC Oversight Controls (TCOC). Find out how. Download the latest Innovation Report. 

Featured Client:
TC’s client is an enterprise-level trade brokerage firm that utilizes a client access portal where customers can access stock and trade information, commit buy/sell actions, and perform statistical reporting.

Products and Services:

The complete list of products and services used in this Innovation Report includes
TC Oversight Controls (TCOC) to deliver success through data masking, as well as our various data connectivity bundles, email tools, transactions, and storage connectors.


Standing on the frontline of change and growth! TCOC is a set of fast and flexible microprocessors that complement your surveillance process and work with existing business functions and systems. An integrated approach to surveillance. Reduce risks, costs, duplication of effort and provide for greater efficiency.

Find out the Background, TC’s Solution, and the full Benefits and Results in the latest Innovation Report.