Integrated Legal Hold Process With TC Oversight Controls



In the November 2021 Innovation Report, our target was to solve a major concern for our client’s legal department regarding the time and methods to request and apply legal holds in their platforms. As we all know, legal teams have a huge burden related to data when it comes to mixed platforms, different departments, and access controls that limit what they can do as it pertains to case management.

Legal did not have access to the archive, nor the time to manage legal holds in another platform outside of their case management tool. The time it took for them to build out forms and present the request to IT was a huge burden, and the time it took away from IT to handle the requests was a major issue. There wasn’t enough time to put the legal holds in place without causing major resource constraints and impact on other projects.

Our solution was simple: integrate the client’s case management software with their archive legal hold creation process. TC Oversight Controls (TCOC) is the processor and integrator for this solution.  Find out how. Download the latest Innovation Report.


Our featured client is a financial services firm. In this Innovation Report, we focus on their legal department communicating with their IT department, specifically in the sense of creating, managing, and deleting legal holds.



The complete list of products and services used in this Innovation Report includes TC Oversight Controls (TCOC) and TC’s expert services to deliver success through integrated processes.

Leading from the front line of change and growth, TCOC is a set of fast and flexible micro services that compliment your surveillance, compliance, discovery, or DLP process and work with your existing business functions and systems. As an integrated approach to surveillance, TCOC aims to reduce risks, costs, duplication of effort, and provide for greater efficiency.

Technically Creative, Inc. is simplifying technology solutions for compliance, bringing to the table a vast and unique collection of knowledge and skills. We’re known for our product innovation, as well as our industry, regulatory, data, and systems knowledge.

Find out the Background, TC’s Solution, and the full Benefits and Results in the latest Innovation Report.