Orchestria/ DataMinder / CA Data Protection End of Life 2019, Now What?!


Here we are. We all knew it was coming. Some prepared better than others. The largest of the companies invested in developing a new in-house Surveillance platform for themselves. The Next Gen vendors invested in their road maps and Technically Creative has been talking and seeing every imaginable demo to gather as much information possible for our customers. So, although we all wish we had a little more time, the June 2019 EOL will be here before we know it.

The reality of migrating off of a system as complex as CA Data Protection (DP) is multifaceted. Many customers have used the product for many years and, due to the flexibility of the system, have incorporated multiple customizations. Therefore, DP customers have many considerations in the migration process.

  • Researching and identifying potential new vendors and comparing functionality. Identifying your company’s nonnegotiable first will help simplify this process. There are no 1to1 migration options on the market. Each Vendor has its strengths. 
  • Budgeting and developing business plans for the migration plan. For many this will need to be completed by the end of 2018 in preparation of the 2019 business cycle.
  • Onboarding and contract negotiations with new vendors. Always takes way longer than anyone expects. Plan for extra time.
  • Architecting a compliant migration path to make sure the historical data stored in DP is properly migrated and documented for regulators. NOTE: The messages themselves are useless without the meta data that contains the actual surveillance information noting why the message was under supervision in the first place. 
  • Converting DP Polices to meet regulatory requirements and individual business needs. We are seeing many requests for result comparisons among systems already.
  • Redefining the DP Hierarchy to adhere to new system review processes. For some this is going to be a pain since it will force you clean up your data and neaten up your review process. You’ll be happy when it’s done!
  • Training users on the new system and developing the new processes.
  • Testing, retesting, and documenting to make sure things are operating according to plan.

Ready. Set. Go.

Technically Creative has over 12 years of experience with the Orchestria / DataMinder / CA Data Protection product. Our goal is to provide support options to CA Data Protection customers during their EOL transition. Contact us or signup for upcoming Webinars at www.technicallycreative.com