Radar Magazine Features Technically Creative


Technically Creative has been featured in Radar Magazine, in an article titled Key Steps to Migrating Policies Compliantly.

Exerpt from the article written by Behavox:
“With a number of firms upgrading their approach to monitoring and supervision, or simply moving to a new vendor because their legacy technology is at end of life (e.g. Orchestria/DataMinder), we explore the process needed to achieve a successful migration.

There is no one better equipped to guide an enterprise through this tricky transformation than Technically Creative’s Danielle and Christopher Amatulli. They have more than 14 years of experience with the Orchestria/DataMinder/CA Data Protection product and are one of the industry’s leading experts in policy migration and development. To say they can do this stuff with their eyes closed is underplaying it!”

For the full article, please click here.