TC Oversight Controls and the Evolution of Surveillance


In 2017, CA announced End-of-Life. The financial market as we knew it would be forever changed.

CA’s announcement challenged the software vendors in the market to up their game and advance their products. It challenged businesses to reevaluate the way they meet their regulatory requirements and surveillance processes. Lastly, it challenged us at Technically Creative to think about how we can best support our customers and provide the most value to their technology compliance needs.

Almost a year and a half in – Where did the financial market go for their new surveillance solutions?

  • 38% went with an Analytics Product.
  • 30% went with Surveillance in Archive.
  • 18% went with a custom-built or in-house solution.
  • 14% are still shopping for a solution.

No matter what option you chose, your business will be presented with new challenges. Whenever there is change…. No matter what industry, no matter what line of business, when there is change it brings about a set of new challenges.

Technically Creative has developed the TC Oversight Controls platform with the goal to meet those challenges and help support you in your new surveillance process.

TC Oversight Controls (TCOC) was created to make your data work better for you and solve your new compliance challenges. TCOC is a fully customizable data flow platform with a multitude of uses including the automation, orchestration, and integration of data between platforms. It has the flexibility to integrate with any data system or environment – not just surveillance and compliance data. TCOC works as a data integration and flow platform that can tie multiple different systems to each other to automate processes, reduce wait time for results from your data, and help your data work better for you.

TCOC offers solutions to common compliance questions such as:

The TCOC platform was originally designed to provide the ability to collect up-to-the-minute data from multiple platforms, merge, collate, and apply routing logic for the distribution of reports or feeding a unified data platform. Over time, and through multiple client requests, the solution has advanced to be an all-in-one solution for moving and transforming data and executing processes across a firm. Data is able to be sent, pulled, and integrated across various platforms from analytics, supervision, InfoSec, legal, control room, back office, C-Suite, and compliance. The TCOC platform was designed to provide additional functionality and options to support and refine your surveillance process, enrich and transform data, manage your historical surveillance data, expedite the effectiveness of your analytics systems, transform any data source into archive-supported data formats, assist in your data migration, and much more.

Every firm has multiple systems (surveillance, human resources, archives, email, trade, social platforms, monitoring, etc.), that need to be connected in order to collect or update data in other systems. TCOC’s aim is to make this data integrate seamlessly, flow faster (in many cases, in real-time), validate data, and get the data where it needs to be. TCOC is not merely moving data from one location to another; with every piece of data, it can also apply business routing logic and invoke advanced processes based on that data.

The goal of TCOC is to support you in your new surveillance process and help your data do more for you. We start by first building out the TCOC platform. The platform houses all of TCOC’s modules – each module has multiple processors for handling data. Data examples include records, objects, full emails, email properties, fields, data points, chats, secure share, social media, HR data, user data, emails, analytics, archive, and surveillance. Clients can then customize the flow to pick and choose the individual options you need.

You’ve already done the hard part – getting the various systems in place – now we just need to put the data in a flow that works for you.

This is the Evolution of Surveillance. This is being Technically Creative.


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