TC Oversight Controls

Transport Agent


Technically Creative Oversight Controls is a customizable platform used to prevent data loss by inhibiting the transfer of classified information or enrich communication for surveillance platforms. Company email communication is monitored, quarantined, sorted, enriched, and analyzed based on client-specified criteria. This platform applies a set of rules to determine the correct course of action for a specific communication based on the identity of individuals sending or receiving, the content of a message, the relationship of individuals involved, or any combination of the three. This innovative process is all done in real time within the mail flow. TC Oversight Controls makes it easier for your company to prevent data loss, undesired email exchanges, and practices such as insider trading. TC Oversight Controls is a unique data loss prevention solution because it applies rules internally. Unlike competitors who can only monitor external-bound messages, TC Oversight Controls can monitor internal messages within a firm or business in addition to external messages. It is a fully integrated platform instead of a standalone product, as it can integrate with any data source.

Controls/Actions Capabilities

All emails sent will be sorted before eventually being released or blocked. Depending on the options selected, notifications may be sent to senders, managers, or any other specified internal individual for requesting release. Blocking or releasing an email can be managed through either an e-mail response or a link to the user interface. Additional options are available in a Microsoft Exchange and Outlook only environment involving the use of voting buttons.

All messages are captured from the mail flow and undergo a process to determine one of five possible actions based on your configuration:

  1. Reply to Release: Emails sent by internal employees are quarantined by compliance; the sender needs to reply to the notification to either release or block the email from going through.
  2. Manager Release: Emails sent by internal employees are quarantined and will require manager approval or disapproval. Both the sender and the manager will be notified when this happens.
  3. Escalate on Sender Release:Emails sent by internal employees are quarantined; the sender is prompted to either block or release an email. However, if release is chosen, the email is blocked regardless; the employee’s manager is notified that release was attempted and is urged to take action. The original sender’s manager will be prompted to release or block.
  4. Block Silently:Emails are blocked without sending a notification to the sender; the message can still be forwarded to a review system.
  5. Block with Notification:Emails are blocked and have a custom notification sent to the sender; this notification may provide the sender with general information on the reason for the block.

Communication Rules Capabilities

TC Oversight Controls uses a customizable set of rules that determine which of the five actions will take place for different categories of messages. These rules can be configured within your TC Oversight Controls platform to suit your company’s needs. Deciding an action for an email depends on data source information, direction of the email, the participants involved, and the content of the message.

Data Sources 01

Customer specifications will control what information is provided by data sources. Data sources supply information to the database used by TC Oversight Controls; this can include user profiles, company employee relations (i.e., manager roles), watchlists for certain content, and SQL database interactions. The configurable rules use information supplied by data sources to decide what action to take (whether to quarantine, block, or release an email) by defining the individuals involved, their employee relationship, and the content of the email in question. When rules are executed, information about users, watchlists, and analytics are used in the decision process when taking the appropriate action.

Direction 02

The configured rules evaluate an email’s direction when choosing an action. These rules can be made to identify who and where an email is coming from (the sender) and who and where an email is being sent to (the participant). Outbound emails are monitored when they are sent from internal employees. Depending on your configuration, TC Oversight Controls can monitor and choose actions for multiple internal departments as well as who internal employees are sending outbound mail to, whether it’s to other internal departments or external participants. Inbound emails are monitored according to your configuration. Communication with competitors, external participants with unsolicited information, and any other businesses sending unwanted communication can be quarantined, blocked, or permitted depending on your preferences.

Participants 03

Participants are identified as those sending or receiving within an email exchange. TC Oversight Controls can define these as internal company departments or external entities, such as competitors, to suit your business’s needs. Rules can be configured to take certain actions based on email participants. Your business may choose which participant relationships require certain actions when exchanging emails. The action taking place (quarantine, block, or release) is determined by who is participating in the communication, the area of a business each participant is from, and if they are internal or external.

Content 04

Rules can be applied based on email content contained in the subject, body, or attachments. Attributes like file size, type of document, whether a message is encryptedor not, and even file name can all be included as criteria in your configured rules. Rules can be created to filter and take action based on any defined type of content.

Maintenance and Support

With your purchase, the Technically Creative team will provide complete operational support, extended product support, and management of your system. You can expect:

Dedicated Expert Resource Technically Creative provides a certified individual to help and work with you on all your component needs.
JIRA Service Desk Ticketing System JIRA’s Secure Ticketing system is used for tracking issues and sharing information between Technically Creative and the client.
No Restrictions on Volume, Processor, or Instance Technically Creative does not charge based on the size of your deployment. We only charge based on the number of resources you need to maintain the environment (minimum 1).
Product Roadmap Vote As a client utilizing the component, you receive a vote related to the priorities you see with the product road map, as well as the ability to log a feature request at any time.

Additional ongoing maintenance support can be purchased at the following levels:

Level 1: Patch/Bug Fixes The level 1 option provides all support and bug fixes associated with the tools and store components in order to keep them functional for the life of the data.
Level 2: Support/Bug Fixes and Reporting The level 2 option includes all level 1 options plus assistance in creating reports and extracts based on your requests.
Level 3: Operational Management (SaaS model) With the purchase of the level 3 option, Technically Creative will own/operate and maintain the indexed environment as well as provide advancement and management of the tool suite.