Danielle Amatulli CEO of Technically Creative Featured on Pavilion Podcast


Danielle Amatulli, CEO and founder of Technically Creative, was featured on the Pavilion Podcast, part of the “Is This a Good Time” series hosted by Brandon Barton. She was able to discuss building a tech business without VC help. During this episode, Danielle credits the success of Technically Creative to her entrepreneurial spirit, her passion for business operations, and conscious client connections built from strong team support.  Listen to Danielle describe the growth of Technically Creative over the years, and how a supportive manager years ago helped her model the management style she’s embodied today.  

Danielle offers advice about how a reputation within the industry helps fuel sales growth. The biggest sales channel is referrals, which is the best complement.  Consistently completing clients’ projects within budget, within a set timeframe, and receiving the desired outcome, lends credibility to Technically Creative. 

Danielle discusses in detail the vision behind Technically Creative and explains the new product, TC Oversight Controls (TCOC). “You have all of these different divisions – InfoSec Team, Compliance Team, Legal Team, Surveillance Team – all using different platforms and they all have data. Some people are going the route of building big data lakes, which is an option – but Technically Creative is able to tie the existing systems together.”  The flexibility behind TC Oversight Controls allows firms with specific requirements to decide within their own compliance teams what they are looking for within their data. TC will identify the data points and implement policies; the options to implement the TCOC product are limitless.   

Link to Podcast: https://open.spotify.com/episode/6vq3B75jClIxCAP2Vu501z?si=fa693aa31d004bad