Technically Creative – Stock the Shelves Virtual Food Drive


Food for Kids Back Pack

Did you know that around 1 out of 8 Americans cannot predict where their next meal will come from? Oftentimes many of these individuals are ineligible for federal assistance.

At Technically Creative, we believe in creating positive change. We want to raise community awareness and inspire social change by committing ourselves to initiatives that aid local non-profit organizations. One of our initiatives provides support for Food for Kids.

Food for Kids is a non-profit organization that supplies children in need in the Washingtonville Central School District with easy-to-prepare food for weekends during the school year with an extension of the program to weekdays during the summer months.

With school starting just around the corner, Food for Kids is launching their annual Stock the Shelves Virtual Food Drive. Volunteers and interested parties can help them keep their shelves stocked for children in need. Shop with a purpose and give the youth a helping hand. You can support this cause by going to Food for Kids’ Walmart Registry or Amazon Registry to send food donations directly.

Last year, Food for Kids was able to raise more than 31,000 meals. This year, we aim higher. All donations are sent over directly and conveniently to their location.

For more information on how else to be involved, visit